National Aging In Place | Carlsbad Senior Center | Tue 06/30/19 10:30 – 11:30 | No Cost
“Are you interested in online dating? This class is for men and women interested in dating, relationships, and sexual intimacy. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn your level of dating savvy, explore dating sites and develop a plan for online dating. In this session, evaluate your dating knowledge, and make a plan for taking the next steps to start dating.


About us

Dating, Love, & Sex After Age 60+? 

Our Founder Judi Bonilla began online dating  in her 50s, just about the time she began  teaching computer training classes for San Diego Oasis (SDO). SDO is a lifelong learning center for individuals age 50+. As the spring semester was closing students began lingering longer after class.  In those“after school” talks one question get coming up. Do you think I have the computer skills for online dating? After the 5th person asked Judi did her research and found there wasn’t a resource for adults who wanted to date later in life.  The program curriculum includes  the technical, social, and safety skills needed for online dating. In addition, our workshops include a sexual wellness component.  



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Host one or all four workshops that encompassing the various aspects of online dating.