Our Mission

Health Promotion

To help active senior communities and programs provide dating and sexual wellness programs for their community.

Fraud Prevention

To increase awareness of dating scams, financial exploitation, personal safety, and sexually transmitted disease among olders.


To work in partnership with marketing and outreach professionals to promote workshops to communities of olders.

Dating and Sex After Sixty?

Come Back Cupid! Founder Judi Bonilla began online dating in her 50s, just about the time she began teaching computer training classes for San Diego Oasis. Oasis is a lifelong learning center for individuals age 50+. As the spring semester was closing students began lingering longer with questions. In those “after school” talks one question get coming up. Do you think I have the computer skills for online dating? After the 5th student asked Judi began researching classes for olders who wanted to use dating websites. Come Back Cupid developed a curriculum specifically for this population and includes the technical, social, and safety skills needed for online dating. In addition, workshops include a another insufficiently discussed topic sexuality for olders. 

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Now as olders enjoy the “longevity bonus” an (extra three decades) made possible by 20th century advances. The bonus years also extend to sexual activity. The National Poll on Healthy Aging released in May 2018 of adults age 65 – 80 reported 40% being sexually active. In fact, female respondents in their 70s  expressed  more satisfaction with sex than in their 40s.  Unfortunately,  STDs  such as herpes simplex, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and trichomoniasis are on the increase in this population. Alarmingly older women are at higher risk of acquiring HIV and are often overlooked for when it comes to STD and HIV education and prevention.